The Irish Times

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Meal Ticket: Pupp, Clanbrassil St, Dublin - great for pooches and humans to chill

From the doggy menu, Aoife orders a Doggy Tea for me, a fresh breath herbal tea made from dill, lemongrass, ginger, fenugreek and sage (€2.50), supplied to Pupp by the Cheeky Dog Bakery. It’s served in a large dog bowl, which I sniff for a while before I decide that I am not into it. Aoife gets it to go in a takeaway cup and I’m happier drinking it when I get home. I also get treated to a bag of Dog Treat Pick and Mix (€3.50), also supplied by the Cheeky Dog Bakery. This Sandymount-based dog bakery makes their treats from scratch and by hand. If I had thumbs, I would have them raised firmly in the upwards direction.
— Daffodil McElwain-Byrne (helped by Aoife McElwain)

The Irish Independent

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Restaurant review - Pupp: dog about town

Marley thought his doggy biscuits, from the Cheeky Dog Bakery in Sandymount, were excellent.

Pupp serves breakfast until 10.30 each day and at weekends, there’s a more comprehensive brunch offering that includes dishes such as almond pancakes with grilled banana and walnuts, and falafel burgers.
— Katy McGuinness

Spin 103.8

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The SPIN with Gordon and Lauren

It’s not every day a ‪cheeky dog‬ goes on the radio, but today was one of them!

The humans chatted about the bakery and updated on how much it’s changed since we visited Spin last and where to buy Cheeky Dog treats for Christmas. I had a blast chillin’ with Gordon and Lauren and chatting about my doggy expertise, taste testing treats!
— Oscar, Cheeky Dog Bakery

The Irish Examiner 

Saturday, 07 November 2015

A dog’s life? Making a living from their love of pooches. Ahead of the Pet Expo, Vicki Notaro meets the people making careers out of their passions for dogs.

“Another dog lover making money from her passion is Canadian-turned-Dubliner Jenny McCarthy. The 34-year-old will be exhibiting at the Expo this weekend, and her company Cheeky Dog makes fresh-baked goods for pooches. Scoff if you like, but I bought some at the Doggie Do and my dogs were wild about them — particularly the little peanut butter biscuits shaped like Jenny’s pride and joy, miniature Dachshund Oscar. And humans will enjoy the gorgeous vintage caravan Jenny works from too...”
— Vicki Notaro

The Irish Independent

Sunday, March 29 2015

Dynamic doggy businesses clean up with their canine companies.  Some entrepreneurs have taken inspiration from their furry friends, and are making money, says Vicki Notaro

Jenny says that the costs involved in such a start-up are high, as she uses human-grade ingredients, but that business is burgeoning.

”It’s definitely picking up. Customers are stumbling across us online. I think dog culture in Ireland is changing and growing. Things that used to be socially unacceptable years ago are now the norm.”

Jenny is correct in thinking that previously scorned things like dog clothing, and even doggy day care, aren’t a joke anymore.
— Vicki Notaro

Women Mean Business

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Women Who Launch

The name Cheeky Dog Bakery is of course dedicated to her mischevous three and a half year old miniature dachshund. “Oscar is the boldest, cheekiest dog you will ever meet! We were living in a cottage at the time and he would climb onto the back of the sofa and watch me bake. One day when I was baking he kept edging closer and closer so he could try to steal everything I was baking!
— Liv Morgan

Pet Friendly Ireland

26 September 2014 

Meet the dog lover behind Dublin’s Cheeky Dog Bakery

Recently at a DSPCA Doggie Day Out in St Enda’s Park in Rathfarnham, Baxter and I came across a yummy new service just for dogs. Though we all know that cakes and sweets are not healthy for our dogs, it is great to see a new way of providing tasty treats for pooches.
Cheeky Dog Bakery began two years ago after dog lover Jenny McCarthy struggled to find a birthday cake to celebrate her dachshund Oscar’s first birthday. Unable to find one, she decided to make her own. Much to Oscar’s delight!
— Pet Friendly Ireland

20 August 2014 

Barking Mad! Meet the dog lover who set up the Dublin doggy bakery that creates canine birthday cakes for your beloved pooch.

Her hugely successful confectionery firm now sells a large range of dog cookies, cakes, doughnuts, pupcakes, biscotti and peanut-butter lollipops perfect for pooch parties!
Jenny revealed that she first trials new recipes with her girlfriends and their collection of dogs.
‘Nothing get’s out unless it is approved by my top tasting panel who let me know what works or not, for instance the biscotti were too big at first, their dogs only ate half and left the rest so now they are half the size”
— Evoke Staff

RTE's Pet Island

14 August 2014

Click here to watch on RTE Player - Dudley's party can be seen at 20:00 minutes into the episode.

We were delighted to see one of our Cheeky Dog Bakery cakes featured during Dudley’s birthday party We were delighted to see one of our Cheeky Dog Bakery cakes featured during Dudley’s birthday party thrown by the lovely staff at Positive Dog Training on episode 3 of RTE’s Pet Island.”
— Jenny and Oscar, Cheeky Dog Bakery

RTE 2FM with Ryan Tubridy

11 March 2014

To listen to our chat with Ryan please click here

Oscar and were delighted to be invited to join Ryan Tubridy on 2FM for a chat about the bakery! Ryan was a fabulous welcoming host and the staff were amazing. We had a great time and Oscar made himself right at home!
— Jenny and Oscar, Cheeky Dog Bakery

The Irish Sun

Monday 10 March 2014

BAKING MAD - DOG lover Jenny McCarthy has revealed how she set up her very own BARK-ery after she struggled to find a birthday cake for her beloved pet.

“last year I starting selling them at a Dog’s Trust supporter’s day. The reaction was brilliant.”

Now creative Jenny runs the successful Cheeky Dog Bakery online selling everything from donuts to birthday cakes for mutts.

She said “People often mark their pet’s birthday in some way. Doggy birthday cakes are just an extension of that.”
— Deirdre Reynolds

Spin 103.8 - The SPIN with Gordon and Lauren

24 February 2014 and 28 February 2014

Oscar and I were lucky enough to get to talk to Gordon and Lauren by phone to discuss dog treats and the bakery.  We were even luckier to be invited back into the studio to play "Cupcake or Pupcake?" the following Friday.

Oscar and I had a fabulous time at SPIN, we were honoured to have Oscar requested to join Gordon and Lauren in studio.

We made cupcakes and pupcakes for Gordon and Lauren to taste test and guess which was for humans and dogs. We had a fab time and though they couldn’t tell them apart by looking at them, it was, of course, easy to tell the difference, our pupcakes are salt, sugar and preservative free!

Oscar was all too happy to clean up any crumbs from the studio desk before leaving, it’s only polite!
— Jenny and Oscar, Cheeky Dog Bakery

The Irish Independent

20 February 2014

Pet Project: Welcome to the world of coddled cats and pamered pooches

Like any three-year-old, Oscar is excited about his birthday. He’s wearing a colourful hat at a jaunty angle and is sitting in front of a big cake with frosted icing. There’s a magnificent hand-drawn birthday card on the mantelpiece and a special present has just arrived in the post.

There’s just one small detail that makes the celebratory scene exceptional – Oscar is a dachshund.
— Clodagh Finn

Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine Polish Edition

17 February 2014

Business Underdog

W niewielkim domku przyjęcie urodzinowe. Po gromkim “Happy Birthday” i oklaskach wystrojony w Muche jubilat z zapałem przystępuje Do konsumpcji tortu Wgryza SIE, mlaszcze. I - najwyraźniej usatysfakcjonowany doznaniami smakowymi - radośnie merda ogonem.

In a small house birthday party. After a loud “Happy Birthday” and applause dressed in Muche birthday boy eagerly accedes to the consumption of cake bites - obviously satisfied with the taste sensations - happily wags his tail.

11 December 2013

14 Stocking Days Left

For all the dogs and dog lovers out there…All natural handmade dog treats from Cheeky Dog Bakery! Donuts, decorated cookies, biscotti, treat jars, biscuits, lollipups, cakes and cake mixes! All just for dogs …

Totally Dublin Magazine

15 August 2013 -


So tasty I found one of our dog groomers munching away on the peanut butter nutters. Available online and shortly gracing the shelves of discerning local pet stores.
— Sinead Clarke