Cheeky Dog Bakery is NOW CLOSED for orders of treats and cakes, we may be back with an exciting online shop in future.  To follow Oscar pop over to instagram @cheekydogadventures. 

How far ahead do I need to order?


We recommend that you order as far ahead as possible.  As we are limited to the capacity of one human and two hands (those sneaky little paws do more stealing than baking!) we can only process so many orders at once.  Orders are given priority based on their order date.  We cannot always accommodate a requested delivery date due to order volume, events, or personal commitments.

Do you have a shop I can visit?

No, unfortunately we do not have a retail shop at the moment.  We do have our Pup-Up Shop which can be found at markets and special events throughout the year.  To find out where we will be next please hop over to our Facebook page here.

Do you deliver to Northern Ireland?

Yes!  We ship all products (including cakes) using Fastway courier.  Fastway deliver anywhere on the island of Ireland, they a great service and deliver next day (depending on your location, remote areas may take longer).

Yes, we ship our cakes anywhere in Ireland.  We carefully pack each cake with a specific method to ensure as much protection as possible and clearly label the box notifying the driver that there is a cake inside and requesting they handle it with care during transit.  We have not had a cake arrive damaged yet in the three years that we've been shipping them.  However, as we have no control over your order once it leaves our hands and we cannot be responsible for any damage done during shipment. 

Do you ship cakes? Will it get damaged?

I want a cake today, do you have any prepared?

No, unfortunately due to the high cost of the ingredients, the various shapes, sizes and colour options and the amount of time that goes into each cake, we simply cannot have prepared cakes ready for last minute orders.  This would simply lead to too much waste all around and that would make tiny puppies cry.  We just can't be responsible for making tiny puppies cry.

All of our cake and treat orders are processed using our website, we are not able to take orders or payment over the phone, email or social media messages.  All shapes, sizes, colours and decorations are available to choose from on our shop page, simply select the Cake category and off you go!

How do I order a cake?

What time will my parcel be delivered?

Unfortunately, as we are not delivering your order ourselves, we cannot give an exact or estimated delivery time.  Please tracking your order using your tracking number provided by email when your order was shipped on the Fastway Courier website:

I contacted you but haven't received a response, what do I do?


Apologies for the delay, we appreciate your patience with us!  As a micro business we only have one person for all tasks, including enquiries.  We (Oscar and I) may be busy with a large order volume, preparing for a large event, unavailable to speak during work hours (sorry, I also have a day job to squeeze in around the bakery), or it may take us some time to research your query before being able to have a response for you.  If waiting for a response I recommend that you look over the website as 99% of email enquiries are answered in the information on our website.