How I spent my Christmas Vacation...

This year I will be spending my holidays with my No. 2 Human down in my home county of Wexford enjoying beach walks, farm sniffs, long naps infront of the fire and sharing chewies with my bud Cuddles.  As relaxing as any Irish dog could want.  Except when this Irish dog is feeling adventurous, oh yes, last Christmas I spent my holidays on a grand adventure to... CANADA!

I had a grand time, I ran my way through airports (there may have been a pooping incident while racing to our next flight in the Vancouver airport, but I won't mention who was responsible...), I went Christmas tree shopping, drove on the wrong side of the road, sniffed my way around a lovely island, met my Canadian Pug cousins Mika and Livvy and got spoiled rotten Christmas Day!

I had my photographer document this great adventure for all to see, check them out below!

First stop, Dublin Airport!  This was great, why am I not pushed around on a trolley everywhere I go?!

For the record, I object to this portion of the trip!  No. 1 didn't have to jump on the scales, this is just undignified for a sausage dog!

This sausage dog can sleep anywhere, even under an airplane seat!

Hanging out in Frankfurt airport, I met some lovely new friends waiting for my next flight, people just can't resist me!

My trusty best bud Barkley came along for the adventure, what's a holiday without friends?

Check back for more about my adventure soon!


Well you may not know this but I'm a bit of an airplane buff, I've flown on a few myself on my holiday to Canada last Christmas, and I insisted that my humans take me out to view the Flightfest show today!  We wandered down to Grand Canal Dock and took in the view of a few planes from there, I got quite a few pets and loads of attention, of course I was wearing my snazzy blue rain jacket, who could resist?  We moved on to the park after a while to watch the rest of the planes go by from the comfort of some good rolling around grass and loads of sunshine.  I even put No. 2 to use giving some good scratching between planes!

This sausage will sleep well tonight, dreaming about airplanes of course!

Oscar out Xx

Scariest day in my little sausage life...

So some of you might have seen my No. 1 Human's panic on yesterday, it was the kind of day we dog's have nightmares about.  It started when silly No. 1 forgot that my fun playmate was coming to throw toys for me (for some reason she cleans up while she's here, I don't get it, must be a human thing) and set the house alarm before she went to work.  When my playmate got here the alarm was beeping while I was doing my welcome laps and licking hello and it suddenly went crazy and started attacking my poor sausage ears!  I was terrified and had to get away from that thing as fast as my little legs would take me, I ran out the door and before I knew it I'd run so far I didn't know where I was, nothing smelled right and it was just so hot out!  I spent hours trying to stay out of the scary heat and find my way back, I didn't know it but No. 1 dropped everything to come look for me and spent the whole day putting up posters and trying to find me and No. 2 spent hours cycling around trying to figure out where a lost sausage would go.

I am so happy we have such great neighbours around here because someone called No. 1 when she saw me all lost and confused, I was so scared, people kept chasing me and yelling at me.  I didn't know it but No. 1 said they were trying to stop me so I could find my way home.  She said that people kept pointing her in the right direction and I even had a nice man keeping his eye on me to make sure I didn't hurt by the cars.

I was one smiling sausage when No. 1 finally cycled up and called my name, I've never smiled or licked so much in my whole doggone life!!! I was so happy to ride home in my basket, the last thing a hot sausage needs is more walking! 

The staff and people eating their lunch at Farmer Browns where so happy for me, all the Broadsheet people were delighted and the nice men building the new bridge were so happy to see me on my way home. After a cold bath, a good long rest and a lot of cuddles of course, No. 1 and went around and took down all the posters and I even got my name called and cheers from some of the crowd at Slattery's when the recognized me from my photo!

Oh there was a sausage dog victory today!

It was the kind of genius caper other dogs dream about, but I lived it!  My cheeky record has been broken and any dog would be proud, I used all my sausage dog skill and earned my way to a great feast!

This afternoon No. 1 popped out for a quick appointment and I went right to work!  Now I can't give away any sausage dog secrets but with a few magical barks ;) the door to the understairs storage popped open, I did a little mountain climbing and some fancy digging and oh yes, I got head first into the 14kg bag of Oscar-fied dog food.  Oh it was a proud moment for this dog, my photographer should have been there to record it, it's an event every dog plans for, and I got to live it!

I didn't even try to cover my tracks, this was a triumph!  With a full belly I can nap happy... until dinner of course!

Oscar out! Xx

Oh yeah, mission: success! It was definitely a challenge but nothing stops this sausage dog!

So full, no belly rubs... just to be careful!

It's June!

Another great Saturday for this sausage dog. I scored my usual sneaky snooze in the human bed and had a good chew while doing some bird watching, all before a nice drive (window sniffing!!!) in the car to my Auntie Paula's.  Auntie Paula and I go way back (I stayed with her for a few fun filled days when I was a puppy, good times) and I had a great visit. I checked out her garden and all the new plants, had a bite of popcorn and a full blast run through the house, all topped off with cuddles and snooze on Auntie Paula's lap before heading home.

A lazy morning and a good chew, it's how I roll!

I demand comfort at all times!

I love new smells, they even taste good if you lick them off your nose!

That is some good cuddling!

All is right in the world of Oscar Xx


I had a great snooze after sneaking into the human bed, if you stay down at the bottom they don't even know you're there, HA! Anyway, my No. 1 human decided that we would decorate the dud cannoli and take them with us out to DogsTrust today! They look delicious (I insisted that the chief taste tester still gets to give his expert opinion on the finished and unfinished, it's necessity!) product even if they're not going to make it on the menu.

We were trying to get to work but No. 2 was in a fiesty mood, I had to show him who's boss, take that!! I was helping too... helping myself to a cannoli, so good!

First step was to dip, yum! Then drizzle, yummier!

The DogsTrust pups are sure going to be happy to see these, I would be!

I'm a pro box maker, it comes naturally when you live in a doggy bakery.

Lookin' good and ready to go! Toes crossed they like them!!

Oscar out! Xx

(ps No. 1 says the staff were great and DogsTrust looks like an amazing place!  We're so excited to take part in their supporter's day event on 18 and 19 June and if you can't make it but want to donate to help these pups find forever homes just click here to donate.)


The hard life of a sausage dog is only made harder when my No. 1 human is making doggy cannoli and I don't even get to give them a lick!  Bossy No. 1 says they need to cool overnight before they get decorated.

My nose is working overtime, I can't wait to sink my teeth into this test recipe!

Cheeky Dog Bakery Chief Taste Tester right here!

Irish Summer

The hard life of a sausage dog is always improved when the sun shines! I was in the mood for a cycle so I had the humans cycle me down to the canal in my basket where I could bask in the sun and do some people (and duck) watching!

This is my ride, I sit front and centre of course!

People watching on the canal

I like to chill out and take in the scenery and enjoy all the sniffing Dublin has to offer.  It wasn't easy getting my No. 1 human to take a photo while cycling but a sausage dog gets what a sausage dog wants!

Let's get this thing moving!

Checking out the weather, I think a day in the sunshine might be in order!