Woof and hello All!

You might have noticed there is a gap in our blog of about a year and wonder did we abandon it.  We did not, but 2015 was not kind to our world, as it seems it wasn't to many others either.

We lost some of the most amazing people you will have ever met, coped with heartbreaking changes, illnesses in loved ones and shocks we never saw coming.  We were lucky, we had each other and our little bakery to keep us going and a Pup-Up Shop to build keeping us blissfully distracted!

BUT we also had some amazing times and made some amazing memories with some amazing people, so to leave you some positive feels for 2015, here are some images with family and friends and what we got up to last year!  To see the work and progress we made on our Pup-Up Shop last year pop over to the Pup-Up Shop page and see her transformation, from start to finish! Xx