Oh no!

As some of you may have seen on our Facebook and Twitter pages that we have had to alter our Canadian adventure a little. We were packing all my toys and treats into the suitcases to fly home when my No. 1's dad got very sick and had to go to hospital. The doctors said his heart is being as bad as I am when I'm feeling cheeky so we decided to stay until he is patched up and ok to come home. I'm glad I decided to come along, everyone seems to need a lot more cuddles and kisses and I am just the dog for the job.

A little tail wag in all this scary stuff is that No. 1's uncle is flying in tomorrow and he has TWO sausage dogs at home in the cold part of Canada. I don't do cold so I've never had the chance meet this someone with such great taste in pets that I've heard so much about!

We will be posting some of our fun adventures from last week (before the scary stuff) when we get a chance.

Hoping everyone, furry and human, is healthy and safe as they read this.

Cuddles and kisses
Oscar Xx