Miss Clodagh's Article

It's finally here, the lovely Miss Clodagh Finn's article Pet Project:  Welcome to the world of coddled cats and pampered pooches is in today's Independent!  I, of course, insisted that No. 1 get up first thing in the morning and run out to the shop to buy me 10 copies (it's the bare minimum really), while I ate my breakfast and went back to bed.  I'd feel bad but it's her duty since she has the thumbs and all, human's think thumbs make them smarter but who's the one doing all the work? HA!

Miss Clodagh had such lovely things to say about my birthday and called No. 1 barking mad, twice!  To be honest, it's true, but being barking mad is what makes her my No. 1 human, she speaks sausage dog!

Check out the article, I'm lookin' snazzy in my chef hat and having a munch on some yummy cake!

They talked to my doggy day care friends at Muttugly and my buds Buzz and Lola are there too!  Sooooo many of my favourite people and pooches all on the same page!!

This one is getting framed!!


Oscar Xx