Oh there was a sausage dog victory today!

It was the kind of genius caper other dogs dream about, but I lived it!  My cheeky record has been broken and any dog would be proud, I used all my sausage dog skill and earned my way to a great feast!

This afternoon No. 1 popped out for a quick appointment and I went right to work!  Now I can't give away any sausage dog secrets but with a few magical barks ;) the door to the understairs storage popped open, I did a little mountain climbing and some fancy digging and oh yes, I got head first into the 14kg bag of Oscar-fied dog food.  Oh it was a proud moment for this dog, my photographer should have been there to record it, it's an event every dog plans for, and I got to live it!

I didn't even try to cover my tracks, this was a triumph!  With a full belly I can nap happy... until dinner of course!

Oscar out! Xx

Oh yeah, mission: success! It was definitely a challenge but nothing stops this sausage dog!

So full, no belly rubs... just to be careful!