It's June!

Another great Saturday for this sausage dog. I scored my usual sneaky snooze in the human bed and had a good chew while doing some bird watching, all before a nice drive (window sniffing!!!) in the car to my Auntie Paula's.  Auntie Paula and I go way back (I stayed with her for a few fun filled days when I was a puppy, good times) and I had a great visit. I checked out her garden and all the new plants, had a bite of popcorn and a full blast run through the house, all topped off with cuddles and snooze on Auntie Paula's lap before heading home.

A lazy morning and a good chew, it's how I roll!

I demand comfort at all times!

I love new smells, they even taste good if you lick them off your nose!

That is some good cuddling!

All is right in the world of Oscar Xx