I had a great snooze after sneaking into the human bed, if you stay down at the bottom they don't even know you're there, HA! Anyway, my No. 1 human decided that we would decorate the dud cannoli and take them with us out to DogsTrust today! They look delicious (I insisted that the chief taste tester still gets to give his expert opinion on the finished and unfinished, it's necessity!) product even if they're not going to make it on the menu.

We were trying to get to work but No. 2 was in a fiesty mood, I had to show him who's boss, take that!! I was helping too... helping myself to a cannoli, so good!

First step was to dip, yum! Then drizzle, yummier!

The DogsTrust pups are sure going to be happy to see these, I would be!

I'm a pro box maker, it comes naturally when you live in a doggy bakery.

Lookin' good and ready to go! Toes crossed they like them!!

Oscar out! Xx

(ps No. 1 says the staff were great and DogsTrust looks like an amazing place!  We're so excited to take part in their supporter's day event on 18 and 19 June and if you can't make it but want to donate to help these pups find forever homes just click here to donate.)