Woof and hello All!

You might have noticed there is a gap in our blog of about a year and wonder did we abandon it.  We did not, but 2015 was not kind to our world, as it seems it wasn't to many others either.

We lost some of the most amazing people you will have ever met, coped with heartbreaking changes, illnesses in loved ones and shocks we never saw coming.  We were lucky, we had each other and our little bakery to keep us going and a Pup-Up Shop to build keeping us blissfully distracted!

BUT we also had some amazing times and made some amazing memories with some amazing people, so to leave you some positive feels for 2015, here are some images with family and friends and what we got up to last year!  To see the work and progress we made on our Pup-Up Shop last year pop over to the Pup-Up Shop page and see her transformation, from start to finish! Xx

Well here we go!

After a long delay due to storms and fog today we are finally on our way back to Dublin! We were very lucky to have a very friendly and very helpful Air Canada lady helping make sure we made it on our way!

I can't wait to get home to my No. 2 for some belly rubs and ear scratches. I wonder if the pilot would let me fly for a bit, would it be too cheeky to ask?


Oscar Xx

Oh no!

As some of you may have seen on our Facebook and Twitter pages that we have had to alter our Canadian adventure a little. We were packing all my toys and treats into the suitcases to fly home when my No. 1's dad got very sick and had to go to hospital. The doctors said his heart is being as bad as I am when I'm feeling cheeky so we decided to stay until he is patched up and ok to come home. I'm glad I decided to come along, everyone seems to need a lot more cuddles and kisses and I am just the dog for the job.

A little tail wag in all this scary stuff is that No. 1's uncle is flying in tomorrow and he has TWO sausage dogs at home in the cold part of Canada. I don't do cold so I've never had the chance meet this someone with such great taste in pets that I've heard so much about!

We will be posting some of our fun adventures from last week (before the scary stuff) when we get a chance.

Hoping everyone, furry and human, is healthy and safe as they read this.

Cuddles and kisses
Oscar Xx

Christwoof Day!

Well Santa Paws was very good to me! I got a stocking full of goodies and toys, a snazzy scarf and snoopy toy from my Grandhumans and a comfy warm jacket with a bag of squeaky snowballs from my No. 1 and No. 2!

All my cuz-dogs were there and we five had a blast jumping and playing and maybe barking a little too much... sometimes you just can't help yourself!

After a day of pressies and play we were pooped out and had lots of snuggles and snoozes!

Can't wait until next year!

Oscar out Xx

Happy Howl-o-ween!

You guys might have guessed this but I am a holiday dog, I love them all and I love getting spoiled when they come around even more! 

You also might already know that I am a fan of planes, I got to fly lots and lots when we visited my grandhumans in Canada in 2012 and we're going on another Christmas Adventure and flying back to Vancouver Island again this year! 

So when my No. 1 asked me what I wanted to be for Howl-o-ween this year I decided to go all out and start my own airline!  Check me out in my aviator glasses zooming around with my little co-pilot on board, we did take offs and landings and zooms and FUN!

I can't wait until Christmas when I get to fly again (and it has nothing to do with all the attention I get in the airports, ok, well, maybe a LOT to do with it)! Woof!

Confession Time!

I am hijacking Oscar's blog for a little post to tell you about some fab changes that (you may have seen this on our facebook page) are going to be happening in the next few months to improve Cheeky Dog Bakery for everyone (people and pooches!).

First of all Oscar and I just want to thank all of our customers for always being so patient and wonderful, when I think about all the amazing encounters and celebrations we have been able to be a part of it touches our hearts (and my tear ducts) and we look forward to many more for years to come!

Now, as some of you may know, I have been working full time (and overtime) in my day job whilst the bakery got off the ground.  I chose to keep my full time job to protect the bakery financially during the start up phase and avoid seeing it fail due to lack of funding or other nasty things while it got the push it needed to start going.  I have never posted about this as I have never wanted people to think of us as home based or small time, we have big ambitions and we want people to see us as one of the big dogs ;) #WOOF!

So over the past two and a half years I have been double jobbing it as they say.  Working until 6:00pm in my day job with early mornings, lunch hours (I am very lucky to live so close to my day job), evenings, late nights and weekends all being dedicated to the bakery. 

It has been so rewarding being able to build the business and I have enjoyed every minute of it but in the past few months there just has literally not been enough hours in the day for the bakery (and still manage to eat and sleep ha ha) and I was gutted to have to turn some orders away to avoid disappointing people! So finding myself worn out and always two steps behind I decided to take a quick break and flew back to Canada to visit my parents (who both ran their own successful businesses and gave me my entrepreneurial DNA!) for a few days in August and get advice on where to go from here.  (Love you Hosers! Xx)

And now we get to the good bits!  On my return I have been very fortunate to be able to switch to a part time evening position in my office job (can't really call it a day job anymore when I'll be working nights!) and starting from October I will be able to spend more time during the day giving the bakery a good kick up the pants!  (Lucky Oscar will have No. 1 home during the day and No. 2 in the evenings to boss around and sleep on!)

Our goal is to improve our customer service and give our amazing customers the attention they deserve!  To start, I am remodelling our little home office to make working more efficient, soon I will be able to respond to enquiries during business hours and allow for collections and deliveries during the day.  I have plans for testing loads of new recipes and get some fabulous new treats and designs into our line-up, I am re-designing the shop section of our site to make it more user friendly, including online cake ordering (to save people from having to enquire when ordering!), plus lots lots more!

Lastly we know that our customers would all love to see us with our own shop to visit and we ache for one as well but, due to rates and rents being what they are, we will have to keep it a long term goal and remain online for now.  BUT we do have some plans in the works to make our pop-up shop more mobile and fabulous so that we can attend more events more often, so watch this space!

We love you all, stay awesome!
Jenny and Oscar XX

Miss Clodagh's Article

It's finally here, the lovely Miss Clodagh Finn's article Pet Project:  Welcome to the world of coddled cats and pampered pooches is in today's Independent!  I, of course, insisted that No. 1 get up first thing in the morning and run out to the shop to buy me 10 copies (it's the bare minimum really), while I ate my breakfast and went back to bed.  I'd feel bad but it's her duty since she has the thumbs and all, human's think thumbs make them smarter but who's the one doing all the work? HA!

Miss Clodagh had such lovely things to say about my birthday and called No. 1 barking mad, twice!  To be honest, it's true, but being barking mad is what makes her my No. 1 human, she speaks sausage dog!

Check out the article, I'm lookin' snazzy in my chef hat and having a munch on some yummy cake!

They talked to my doggy day care friends at Muttugly and my buds Buzz and Lola are there too!  Sooooo many of my favourite people and pooches all on the same page!!

This one is getting framed!!


Oscar Xx

Feelin' pretty special!

I have to admit I thought No. 1 was pulling my leg when she told me that a newspaper photographer was coming today to meet me and take my picture, though it doesn't explain tricking me into bathtime last night, but she wasn't kidding!

The very nice Mr Ronan came with a very fancy camera and was very patient with me and No. 1 (he didn't even take offense to the obligatory bark fest while I ran my security checks, don't worry, he passed with flying colours, and it had nothing to do with the treats he scored for me!).  He's welcome back anytime!

Check out his handy work...

Lovin' this week!

Oscar out! Xx

You will never guess what I'm about to tell you...

I'll try not to blush as I say this but...

I, Oscar Oliver McCarthy, appear in a full page of, today's... wait for it... Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine's Polish edition!

I mean, woof, how cool is that?! I knew this job had perks but come on, how many dogs can say this? I am on a whole page (and there might be a cake in there somewhere too), and the article talks about my birthday party and the bakery. Miss Roxy's birthday cake and a delicious donut made it in too! I can't wait until No. 1 gets it properly translated and we can sit down and read it together!

As you can see from the photo I am mighty proud of our little bakery. And I can certainly rock a Buzz & Lola collar and tie when I need get down to work! Thanks Miss Anna from Bloomberg, kisses and tail wags if I ever get to meet you in person Xx

Happy Birthday to ME!

 1 February 2014 was a good day for this sausage dog, my 3rd birthday!  YAY!

There is nothing I love more than a good birthday, doesn't even have to be mine, but mine is certainly more fun for me!

This birthday No. 1 and Barkley spoiled me rotten!  I got to sleep in extra late, breakfast in bed, a drive to a shopping spree (I was good, only one toy!), and finally a fab party!  Check it out...