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Welcome to Cheeky Dog Bakery, we are a one woman and one dog online operation based in Dublin 4. We have a passion for making treats for our furry friends that look as great as they taste!

All of our treats and cakes are made from specially selected, dog friendly, all natural, high quality, human grade, and wherever possible, organic ingredients, not only that but we aim to make cakes your dog will find delicious! We never use any artificial flavours or preservatives, and all of our frosting, icing and fondant are made specifically for dogs and are sugar free. Only the best for your pets!

Every treat and cake is made by hand, we can make you a custom order to suit any occasion! If you don't see what you're looking for here just get in touch, we love to create new and wonderful treats! Also, for your peace of mind and ours, we are fully insured, we are registered with the Department of Agriculture and we use human hygiene standards.
Don't risk your pet's health!

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If you have any ideas or recommendations drop us an email on our contact page, Oscar will reply as soon as possible (don't worry, I'll spell check it for him!).